On-page optimization

On-page optimization services for stronger SEO

On-page optimization is more than 40% of SEO. When you are conducting business online, it is necessary to have a strong online optimization of your website. An all-round on-page optimization services will make your website highly friendly to search engines.



$ 180.00



$ 290.00



$ 390.00



$ 490.00



$ 590.00


No. of webpages

Number of pages to be optimized

Under 25

26 – 50

51 – 75

76 – 100

101 – 125

No. of keywords

Number of keywords to be targeted






Keyword research

Analysis for relevant keywords with good SEO potential

Page title optimization

Rewriting page titles according to keywords

Meta description optimization

Rewriting meta description according to chosen keywords

Content optimization

Optimizing the body content with proper keywords and text

Image alt text optimization

Inserting SEO friendly alt text to all the images

Anchor text optimization

Optimizing anchor text with relative keywords and keyword phrases

Broken link correction

Spotting links with incorrect and outdated URLs and correcting them


Setting crawl ability and indexing preferences for various search engines

URL canonicalization

Pointing multiple pages with same content to the most preferred one

W3C compliance

Assessment of website against W3C guidelines (Home page)

Google webmasters setup

Setting up Google webmasters account for the website

Google analytics setup

Adding the tracking code to analyze your website traffic with Google Analytics

Sitemap creation & submission

Creating xml sitemap and submitting it to Google Webmaster tools

URL optimization

Rewriting URLs for correct length and targeted keywords

Webpage content editing

Editing webpage content for grammatical mistake & better framing

Custom 404 page creation

Creation of engaging 404 error page to keep users from bouncing off

Page speed optimization

Optimization of site components to minimize page load time

Semantic markup – Rich snippets

Marking up important sections of text with relevant structured data as adviced by google

Google authorship setup

Setup of Google Authorship for better search rankings

Cross browser compatibility

Correcting the site code for different browsers


Number of days taken to complete the service

14 days

14 days

21 days

21 days

28 days


Frequency of detailed activity reports/feedback sent to client

Weekly progress & completion report

Weekly progress & completion report

Weekly progress & completion report

Weekly progress & completion report

Weekly progress & completion report