Custom Hosting

Victory Infotech offers a tailor-made managed hosting service that meets the needs of customers who have specific requirements that are beyond the scope of our product range.  This service includes a dedicated Account Manager and technical team to service your ongoing requirements.

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Customisable managed platform

Leveraging our TruServ™ server hardware platform with
a Linux Operating System, CHS offers you the
flexibility, reliability and security needed
to meet your online business requirements.

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High availability

A must for your mission-critical websites,
where data is synchronised between primary and failover servers
to minimise the impact caused by a single point of failure.
A great benefit if continuous access to your data is essential.

Disaster recovery

The CHS team will work with you to implement a
disaster recovery solution built to meet your business
continuity strategy. This solution takes your specific business
requirements into account, including your preferred recovery time.

Load balancing

For websites that receive a great deal of traffic, load balancing
distributes this traffic efficiently between two or more servers so
that no individual server is overburdened, allowing web applications
to perform optimally. Our CHS setup is designed to
withstand surges of traffic, and can be expanded as your website grows.

Enhanced backups

Rest assured, we make a copy of your data.
The CHS team extends Hetzner’s standard backup
offering by including the option of having offsite backups,
increased retention, and a server solely dedicated to your backups.