Node Js Web Application Framework

Node.js Training is a platform that enables the participants to build high performance, event-driven, real-time and scalable networking applications just by using JavaScript. Victory Infotech Node.js training will train you to build networking and web based applications that are far more superior and efficient than applications built in other languages.

Why learn Node.js?

Node.js uses JavaScript – a language known to millions of developers worldwide – thus giving it a much lower learning curve even for complete beginners. Using Node.js you can build simple Command Line programs or complex enterprise level web applications with equal ease. Node.js is an event-driven, server-side, asynchronous development platform with lightning speed execution. Node.js helps you to code the most complex functionalities in just a few lines of code.

Course objectives

After the completion of the Node.js training at Edureka, you will be able to: 

1. Understand Node.js and what makes it so popular 

2. Build applications using Express Framework 

3. Master the use of Node Package Manager (NPM) 

4. Deploy applications to Heroku 

5. Work with different template engines e.g. EJS, Jade and Handlebars 

6. Create Web Applications with Express using MongoDB 

7. Learn how to use hosted MongoDB provided by MongoLab 

8. Hash passwords using bcrypt, handle authentication and logout functionality 

9. Deploy Express and MongoDB application to Heroku 

10. Set a custom domain for your Heroku deployed applications by purchasing custom domain from GoDadddy 

11. Build realtime chat application using Socket IO 

12. Learn how to use build systems e.g. Grunt and Gulp 

13. Test Your code using Mocha and Chai 

14. Get started with Hapi and Meteor and understand when to use one over other

Learning Objectives – In this module you will learn what is Node.js and what makes Node.js so popular. You will also learn how to use Node Package Manager (NPM), ExpressJS Framework and we will create a ExpressJS application and deploy it to Heroku. We will also see how to use Nodemon. 

Topics – What is NodeJS, Installing NodeJS, Node Package Manager (NPM), ExpressJS Framework, Building first Node App using Express, Pushing code to GitHub, Deploying application to Heroku, Using Nodemon.

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