React Js

React is a library developed by Facebook, and it is designed to build large applications with data that changes over time. Developers can use ReactJS to create user interfaces (UI) with high performance, where React would automatically manage all UI updates. React is all about building reusable web components, and it also renders on the server using Node.js. Learn ReactJS through Codementor’s Learning Center, where you can find tutorials, videos, guides, and ReactJS tips & tricks from experienced ReactJS developers.

Join Victory Infotech interactive course on React.JS and learn why this JavaScript library has taken the web application development world by storm. From learning about the basics of React.JS including its architecture and components to mastering the advanced concepts such as building rich internet applications using React.JS, Flux and Redux, this course offers maximum learning benefit.

Part of the reason why React is so popular is that it can handle complex updates and still ensure speedy responses. Its modularity, maintainability, flexibility and scalability make it the ideal choice for use in applications that have fast changing data. Join our course now and get hands on mastery of this platform.

What you will learn:
  • Understand React.JS fundamentals
  • Its various components
  • JSX and Flux architecture
  • To build complex user interfaces having a unidirectional data flow, with React.js
  • Build an application using Flux architecture
  • Know how to maintain application state in a Redux Store
  • Know how to do module bundling using webpack
  • Use React dev tools
  • React.js best practices
  • Build state-of-the-art apps using React

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