Api Services

Quickly build and consume APIs in the cloud using the language of your choice
  • Get security support for Azure Active Directory, single sign-on and OAuth
  • Bring in existing APIs written with .NET, PHP, Node.js, Java or Python
  • Consume APIs on any website with CORS support
  • Integrate with API Management, Logic Apps and many other Azure services
  • Use Swagger to generate cross-platform client SDKs in Visual Studio

Simple authentication

Your API is just a few clicks away from being secured through Azure Active Directory, social network single sign-on or OAuth. No code changes are required and we keep the sign-on SDKs for your services up to date.

On-premises connectivity

Securely connect your API app to your corporate or local network using on-premises connections with enterprise-grade security. Serve APIs to your intranet just as if they were running locally or connect them to existing internal network resources.

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