Diamond Software

Various Modules provided by us includes everything rite from tracking of rough purchased till the final sale of polished diamonds. All these modules are developed taking into consideration clients requirements & thus customization becomes our core strength.


  1. CRM –

    Provide a consistent and quick response to your customers at all touch-points including branch, web, mobile, etc. to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

  2. Website

    CMS based website using Joomla CMS Technology makes it easier for customers to buy online with an integrated online platform

  3. Business Intelligence

    We provide easy-to-use, self-service BI capabilities and the deployment of real-time analytics directly to mobile devices and Web applications. So every decision maker – wherever they are – can monitor key metrics and make informed decisions. It includes high end analysis of online diamond sales statistics and diamond pricing

  4. Advance Pricing

    The ability to refine or replace pricing strategies swiftly and effectively in response to changing market conditions is an advantage in the marketplace. Companies that react slowly give the competition an unearned advantage. To react quickly to changing pricing conditions, a company needs a flexible price adjustments system

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