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On 23rd March 2023, our company’s director had the opportunity to participate in the “Evolve 2.0” event hosted by AI Sensy. The event brought together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to discuss the latest trends and challenges in the business world.

Our directors Rohan Lathiya & Parth Narola have shared their insights and experiences. They discussed how our company has navigated through the pandemic, adapting to the changing business landscape and the digital transformation that has become a crucial part of our operations.

Victory Infotech's Director with AI Sensy founder Gautam Rajesh Shelley

Victory Infotech’s Director with AI Sensy founder Gautam Rajesh Shelley

The event was an excellent opportunity for our director to connect with other professionals in our industry, share knowledge, and learn from others’ experiences. It was also a chance to showcase our company’s vision, values, and commitment to innovation and growth.

We are proud of our director’s participation in the “Evolve 2.0” event hosted by AI Sensy surat event. Their contribution to the event reflects our company’s culture of continuous learning and improvement, and we look forward to more opportunities like this in the future.

Overall, the event was an excellent platform for our director to connect with other professionals, share knowledge, and showcase our company’s vision and values. We are grateful for the opportunity and look forward to continuing our engagement with the business community.