A beautiful and sparkling picture of Bappa from the celebration at victory office

Ganesha is considered to be the remover of obstacles and the giver of prosperity, wealth and success, and happiness.

May Lord Ganesha descend on this Earth and put an end to all the miseries, struggles, sufferings, and problems we have faced during this COVID-19 pandemic. May his arrival to each of our homes mark a new beginning in our lives, filling us with joy, hope, confidence, and courage to march forward successfully

We at victory infotech look forward to welcoming Lord Ganesha soon next year!


Festive celebration marks the perfect choice for achieving positive reinforcement in an office environment and for the employees to take a break from the monotonous routine!

We at victory infotech strive to generate a feeling of oneness and brotherhood among colleagues which is why we celebrate all festivals with a lot of joy, spirit, and happiness.

Time to bid adieu to deity headed Lord Ganesha!

We at victory infotech believe that festival celebrations are the right opportunity for employees to blend in,  to engage in informal, proactive, and incremental ways, and quite a perfect way to socialize in an otherwise work-oriented office environment.

Celebrated this Ganesh Chaturthi at victory infotech with lots of love and enthusiasm and made sure that each one of our employees felt the positive vibe that we intend to create by celebrating festivals and we hope that your Ganesha Chaturthi was also full of love, positivity, and cheerfulness!!

Here’s to onwards and upwards and to bid a perfect goodbye to the lord of new beginnings!