What is CorelDRAW ?

  • CorelDRAW is a graphic designing software developed by Corel Corporation to develop vector graphics to put it in a more formal definition.
  • Online and print adverts, product designing, architectural layout designing, online sketch artists in various fields and almost all those pretty visuals that we see around us whether on phones or magazines, have been, at some point or another, designed in Corel Draw.

CorelDRAW features

  1. LiveSketch tool
  2. Multi-monitor
  3. Healing clone tools
  4. Copy Curve Segments
  5. Gaussian blur feature
  6. Touch-friendly GU interface
  7. Powerful stylus enhancements
  8. Import legacy workspaces
  9. Prominent interactive sliders
  10. Custom node shapes
  11. Font filtering and search
  12. Corel Font manager

3 Reasons To Choose Victory Infotech for CorelDRAW

  1. Experts with experience of 1 to 10+ year
  2. Smooth Resource Transitions
  3. On boarding in less than 24 hours
  • For years Vicrory Infotech is well-regarded for providing top-tier services as an CorelDRAW Services Provider company.

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