What is Adobe Illustrator?

  • Adobe Illustrator is an application that is utilized to make logos, textual styles, presentations, in sequential order and numerical pictures, posters, and flex, as this is a vector-based program so the pictures can be made regardless of size and Illustrator was the first software to dispatch this element and turned out to be generally well known in graphic designing businesses, Adobe Illustrator can be characterized as the product which was the main application already that was made for graphic designers, it was first launched in 1987.
  • Adobe Illustrator can be defined as the software which was the only software previously that was made for graphic designers. It was first developed in 1987 with a full-featured program for windows. Initially, it gave sophisticated tracing and text manipulation commands with color separation features as well.

A brief History

  • Adobe Illustrator was first developed by Adobe Inc. in December 1986 as commercialization at home of Adobe Letter Software Development and PostScript file format. Adobe Illustrator is a companion product of Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is primarily geared towards digital photo manipulation and photorealistic style computer illustrations, while Illustrator delivers results in typesetting and logo areas of graphic design. Magazine ads products are referred to as “Adobe Illustrator”. Illustrator 88, the product name for version 1.7, was released in 1988 and introduced many new tools and features. released in 1988 and introducing new tools and features. In 2011, Adobe Illustrator 88 file format is used in the MATLAB programming language as an option to store numbers.
  • The first version of Illustrator for Windows, version 2.0, was released in early 1989. The next version of Windows, version 4.0, has been heavily criticized for being too similar to Illustrator 1.1 instead of Macintosh version 3.0, and certainly not the same as Windows’s most popular illustration package CorelDRAW. Version 4 is, however, the first version of Illustrator to support editing in preview mode, which does not appear in Macintosh versions up to 5, 0 in 1993.

Illustration Services we offer

  1. Brand Illustration
  2. Architectural Illustration
  3. Digital Portrait Illustration
  4. Illustration for Games
  5. Vector Design Illustration
  6. Book Illustration
  7. Storyboard Illustration
  8. Fashion Illustration
  9. Medical Illustration
  10. Advertising Illustration
  11. 3D Illustration


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